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Jobs in Vietnam

Đăng ngày: 17/11/

Nowadays, Vietnam’s population has reached 90 million people, ranked 3rd in Southeast Asia, 8th in Asia and 14th globally. At the same time, we are stepping into the "Golden Population Pattern" era with adolescents making up around 40% of the population, the greatest percentage ever in Vietnam’s history.

Vietnam has attracted a lot of foreign investment from developed countries such as Japan and Korea due to the economic growth, political stability and young workforce’s abundance. This has contributed to the development of the economy, offering more job opportunities for both Vietnamese and foreigners. With more than 6,000 regular jobs from Vietnamese recruitment agencies including Vieclambank, which recruits personnel for Japanese and Korean companies, the door leading to themodern market is wide open. As more Japanese and Korean companies are moving to Vietnam, local workforce is demanded, majorly in fields like: manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, administration, advertising, marketing & sales, etc. They also invest in the industrial parks of Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Bac Ninh, Hanoi, Hai Phong and others, increasing labor opportunities and attracting high-qualified foreign personnel. Vietnam’s labor force is deemed skillful, intelligent, creative, fast learning but may lack of the desired professionalism, leading to a need to improve its quality and perceived image. The notorious increasing demand in the fields previously mentioned generate a downside being the sharp decline of manpower in the public sector and other less popular fields, forcing companies into a need of restructuration and reduction of human resources budget.

Overall, Vietnam is showing a promising future in its labor market, especially for high-quality personnelgiven the foreign investment increase, economic growth and political stability. The shortages of local professional talent in certain technical or creative fields, create a gap filled by a foreign pool of talent. The local talent should therefore gain awareness on its improvement needs in order to leverage from the opportunities they have available.

Visit Vieclambank at our official website for more information.

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