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Embedded Software Engineer ( Developer & BrSE ) (Công việc này đã hết hạn!)

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[[Who we are]]
Welcome to our page!!
We have developed semiconductor circuit's hardwear and embedded softwear for High function device (new IT device,IOT,various electric device...) since 2004 in Osaka(Japan).
by Design FPGA/LSI , Sales system evaluation , Develope and sales evaluation boaed , Develop softwear
with "Creative and Challenge spirit".

We are looking forward to join you in our team.

[[What you do]]
- Design, develop, code, test and debug system software
- Review code and design
- Analyse and enhance efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources
- Integrate and validate new product designs

[[Good point]]
+ Main product is hardwear but now we focus on developing softwear for receiving developing softwear order in the future.
That's mean you can implove "softwear developing skill" more than another company!!
+ Our company is established by 100% Japanese headquarters so clietns is Japan big company.
That's mean you can learn to "Global style" development mind and production/process control way.

[[Career path]]
+ Softwewr developer---->System Engineer---->System Engineer as Manager---->BrSE as Manager
BrSE will have to control project coopertaing Japan team.

+ Boss is Japanese
+ You can consult with Japanese Manager about any concern or worry.
+ Our company tresure ”Team work” first.
+ You can improve your skill and promote upper position depends on result and your effort.

Yêu cầu chung

- Have experience in embedded software developer
- Having working experience in Japanese company / with Japanese together is prefer.

- RTOS, C, C++, C#, VBA, PLC,.net,VBA,DB
**It doesn't have to experience all above skill.(some of these is OK)
- Have exprience in using "LINUX","UNIX" OS is prefer.
**Windows is used in developing environment

- English is required.
- Japanese is preferl, can be BrSE.

- To be able to understand schematic circuit diagra is required

Yêu cầu về ngoại ngữ

Tiếng Nhật (Trung cấp) hoặc Tiếng Anh (Trung cấp)

Quyền lợi

- Over time pay
- Bonus 1month/year

Let's work at Japanese company!!
You can learn Japanese mind to make "Japan quality".

1.This company tresure team work.
2.Environment is open so you can say your oipnion to your BOSS.
3.Japanese Manager has flexible mind so you can consult with him whenever you have any concern and worry closely.

Mức lương

600 - 1500

Địa điểm

Hồ Chí Minh

Thời gian làm việc

Mon - Fri (8:00 - 17:00) Sat: every other week

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