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Python Developer (Django) (Công việc này đã hết hạn!)

Mô tả

- Develop web project for USA and Vietnam market based on Python and Django framework
- Code various web features for new websites or existing websites, e.g. write APIs to connect with mobile app and 3rd party system, etc…
- Optimize source code to improve speed and security

Yêu cầu chung

- 2 – 3 years experience with Python, framework Django/Flask and HTML, Javascript
- Passionate about programming and want to be an excellent developer
- Have experience working with MySQL/PostgreSQL is an advantage
- Have experience working with RESTful API is an advantage
- Have clean coding style, follow the coding conventions and include clear comment
- Know how to design/architect big platform is a plus
- Have experience optimizing and handling large database queries is a plus
- Have knowledge about web security is a plus
- Humility, open-minded, willing to learn and share the knowledge
- Have professional working manner and good teamwork

Yêu cầu về ngoại ngữ

Tiếng Anh (Trung cấp)

Quyền lợi

Learn advanced programming techniques from the experts in the field
Gain enormous programming experiences and skill from various projects, platforms and systems
Work in a dynamic, transparent and professional working environment with absolute no office politics
Improve English and communication skills
Competitive salary, health insurance, and other benefits by Vietnamese labor law

Mức lương

1,000 - 3,000 USD

Địa điểm

Hồ Chí Minh

Thời gian làm việc

Monday - Friday

Thông tin công ty

Lĩnh vực hoạt động

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Ms. Trang

 Điện thoại

028.3526 8202~07,ext: 213