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QC Mechanical Engineer (cty xây dựng của Nhật nội thành) (Công việc này đã hết hạn!)

Mô tả

- Incharge of control quality of Mechanical items from suppliers for projects.
- Business trip go out on the occasion of factory test of Vendor in Vietnam and overseas etc.
- Detail will be discussed via interview

Yêu cầu chung

1. Major in College/University
Mechanical engineering is preferable as his major in college/university. Environment or Chemical engineering is not suitable.
Experience as a mechanical engineer working in the same company for 10 or more years is preferable. Experience as a QC engineer will be better.
2. Understanding of Drawings
Capability of understanding of Assembly drawings and Manufacturing drawings (Material and Welding symbol etc.).
3. Knowledge/Experience of Fabricated Items
For example, Tank, Screen, or Platforms which we will manufacture by our selves (not procured as equipment). (Inspection of Material, General view, Welding, and Welding )
4. Knowledge/Experience of Pressurized Tanks
For example, experience of inspection following ASME Section Ⅷ  ( Pressure test etc.)
5. Knowledge/Experience of Rotating Equipment
For example, experience of inspection of performance of pump or blower (flow, delivery pressure, efficiency, vibration, noize etc)
6. Knowledge/Experience of FRP products
For example, experience of inspection of FRP tanks (thickness, hardness, Pin hole etc. )
7. Ability of communication.
English language ability to communicate with End User, Consultant, Swing, Vendor is required. (reading, writing, speaking)
8. Personal character and physical strength
Personality to have a smooth relationship with End User, Consultant, Swing, and Vendor is required. Not necessary very kind or cheerful but must be sincere/honest/reliable.
Also, physical strength is required because it needs to do the inspection without sitting/resting for a long time (very often from the morning until night).
9. Knowledge on ISO 9000
If he will be involved in Quality Assurance work, knowledge on ISO 9000 is also required,

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