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SE lập trình nhúng (C/C++, PHP, Java, C#.Net, J#.Net, Ruby, Python, Action Script ) (Công việc này đã hết hạn!)

Mô tả

Apply development and testing software under guidance
- Retain component knowledge
- Conduct platform development and integration under to guidance from seniors
- Conduct Design, Coding and Test software under to guidance from seniors
3. Personal
- Positive inter-personal and communication with colleagues.

Yêu cầu chung

- Understand and have knowledge one of these programming language: C/C++, PHP, Java,,, Ruby, Python, Perl, Action Script, Visual Basic, Assembly, COBOL, Objective-C, VHDL, Verilog, SVG..
- Has learned software basic technology and understand as knowledge.
- Able to carry out work utilizing the knowledge under guide of seniors;
- Able to understand technical element concerned and implement it under instruction of seniors;
2. Development
- Able to understand development technology concerned and carry out the development under instruction of a seniors;
3. Management
- Able to understand management engineering concerned and carry out project activities under instruction of seniors;
4 .Personal
- Has knowledge of personal skills and can execute the work partially with support.
- Good at Communication, Negotiation, Teamwork, Problem solution.
- Good at English or Japanese language
5. University diploma or equivalent

Yêu cầu về ngoại ngữ

Tiếng Anh (Trung-Cao cấp) hoặc Tiếng Nhật (Trung cấp)

Quyền lợi

** Benefit: Successful candidates are offered:
- Competitive remuneration package, including social, medical insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with Vietnamese Law;
- Working in well - equipped and professional IT environment and IT community;
- Dynamic development environment with high opportunity to be promoted;
- Many opportunity to be trained in Japan.

Mức lương

500 - 1,000 USD (GROSS)

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