Tuyển WEB Director cho công ty Nhật (こちらの求人は募集を終了致しました。)


Business content / expected role
Promote the site improvement (new function addition and improvement) of the overseas version of COMPANY in cooperation with each site.
Data analysis → proposal improvement plan → progress management → turnover PDCA is turned.
Development of overseas sites is done in Vietnam and we are conducting a series of flows from site improvement to development in-house. Basically, because they do not cooperate remotely,
There is no loss of communication, and we are improving the site speedily.
The main site for Taiwan, the site responsible for 5 languages.
English-speaking countries, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea
【Job content】
• Analysis of online policy mainly overseas sites, suggestions for improvement, preparation of specifications
• Development direction


【Skill and Experience Required】
• Analysis of sites using analytical tools
• Site improvement plan based on data
※ We will be in English both for business (specification writing, development direction etc) and internal communication.
【Welcome skills / experience】
• Knowledge of web marketing such as SEO
• Project management experience
• Chinese
This one is suitable
● I have experience of designers or engineers, I want to engage in analysis and planning
● I would like to work overseas (the country that will grow from now)
● I would like to engage in large-scale in-house service
● I want to challenge various things without being limited by the scope of the role
● Find problems and go to solve themselves rather than waiting for instructions


English (中級) or 中国語(北京語) (中級)



応相談 (GROSS)




Flex-time system
(Core time 11: 00 ~ 17: 00)
It is easy to study outside of work and adjustment with private, flexible way of working is possible.







024 62701630 - Ext 104