• Dong Nai - QC Manager (English) (This job is closed!)

    • Dong Nai
    • Location Biên Hòa Dong Nai

      Salary 40.000.000 VND (GROSS)

      Job category QA - Quality control, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electronic - Automatic, Engineering

    11/12/2023 - 31/01/2024


      1. Quality control in the production:
      1.1. Standardization of work procedures so that work can be done according to the reliable procedures:
      - Make SOS
      - Evaluate SOS & Yoryosho made by factory
      1.2. Education & training to develop people who can create reliable quality: Check worker whether they follow SOS and Yoryosho
      1.3. Management to maintain facility capacity and manage the process in a normal state at all times: Maintain facilities and tools which are related with quality control
      1.4. Verify the reliability of products and processes through inspections and guarantee quality: Inspect parts delivered by suppliers. Weld penetration check etc…
      1.5. Make improvements to prevent recurrence of defects that have occurred (also called non-conformance in quality control) and to prevent defects from occurring: Make 5 Why report and FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)
      2. Quality control of finished products: Inspect the finished products, verifying that the products and processes are normal and guaranteeing quality
      - GCA (Global Customer Audit)
      - Stop dispatching products which have quality issues
      3. Quality control of raw materials and parts:
      3.1. Verify that the raw materials and parts supplied by the suppliers are within the established standards and specifications: Audit and instruct suppliers
      3.2. Quality control work includes periodically checking whether quality control is being carried out normally in the form of quality audits for suppliers: Conduct calibration
      4. Overall department management: Oversee the overall operations of the quality control department and manages the department (Review budget monthly)
      5. Communicate and execute management strategies within departments: Instill and execute management strategies within departments (Manage KPI)
      6. Career Design and Support for subordinates: To support and nurture career advancement of subordinates
      - Allocate job to each staff, follow them to complete job and evaluate their achievement.
      - Coporate with HR department to recruit the suitable candidates for running required operation.
      - Educate staff on site and training with industries
      7. Risk management: To manage risks related to the operations of the parts department
      - Make risk management sheet
      - Maintain ISO9001
      8. Other tasks assigned by superior

    General requirement

      - Proficiency in Microsoft Office
      - Advanced English level
      - Capability for use quality management manual provided by Suzuki
      - More than 1 year of experience with the same role
      - The candidate should be methodical, honest, have light footwork and can take initiative in trouble

    Language requirement

    • English (Upper Intermediate)


    - Allowances: lunch; transportation: upon the current distance
    - Attendance in professional training
    - Attendance in the company trip, Family Day,...
    - Bonus and salary review
    - Flexible working hours
    - Full insurance payment and health insurance
    - Support in business trip fees

    Working hours

    • - 7h15 – 17h00 from Monday to Friday.


  • [VSIP 2 - Binh Duong]- Factory Maintenance Section Manager

    • Binh Duong

      10/04/2024 - 25/05/2024

    • Location Binh Duong, KCN Visip 2

      Salary 1,500 - 1,800 USD

      Job category Mechanical, Electronic - Automatic, Manufacturing, Management

    • ・Quản lý cơ sở hạ tầng thiết bị phụ trợ là đảm bảo cung cấp điện, nước và hệ thống phụ trợ ổn định phục vụ cho thiết bị sản xuất.
      ・Đối ứng khẩn cấp là đối ứng sự cố thiết bị, cúp điện, mất nước, hỏa hoạn…(Phát triển nguồn nhân lực/ứng phó khẩn cấp).
      ・Quản lý kiểm soát duy trì hoạt động (bảo dưỡng và hợp đồng) của thiết bị điện (cao áp và hạ áp)
      ・Quản lý đào tạo kỹ năng cho nhân sự bộ phận nhằm nâng cao kỹ năng kiểm soát sự ổn định thiết bị, tiết giảm chi phí bảo dưỡng (vận hành và phát triển nguồn nhân lực).

  • 【Thủ Đức - HCM】- Director Assistant (Tiếng Nhật/ Tiếng Anh)

    • Ho Chi Minh

      03/04/2024 - 30/04/2024

    • Location Ho Chi Minh, Thủ Thiêm - Thủ Đức (HCM)

      Salary 1,100 - 1,500 USD

      Job category Administrative - Clerical, Accounting - Finance, Human resources, Trading - Services, Translator - Interpreter

    • * Khách hàng của chúng tôi hoạt động trong lĩnh vực nhập khẩu và kinh doanh thực phẩm chế biến sẵn
      - Kết hợp công việc cùng bộ phận hành chính chủ yếu là nhân sự, tổng hợp và kế toán. Báo cáo lại công việc cho Giám đốc.
      Báo cáo công việc, tài liệu, thư từ hợp đồng, v.v. cho trụ sở chính ở Nhật Bản.
      - Phối hợp cùng bộ phận tổng vụ nhân sự của các chi nhánh trong cùng Group để thực hiện công việc.

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