• (Hà Nội, HD) Commercial Manager cho công ty xây dựng, kĩ thuật hàng đầu của Nhật.

    • Hà Nội, Hải Dương
    • Địa điểm Hà Nội, Hải Dương

      Mức lương 2,000 - 2,600 USD (GROSS)

      Ngành nghề Kế toán - Tài chính, Hành chánh - Thư ký, Xây dựng

    05/02/2024 - 21/03/2024

    Mô tả

      Company is one of Japan's leading construction and engineering companies and we have implemented many different projects in Vietnam.

      1/ General:
      Commercial managers are responsible for the budget and keep on top of all the costs involved in construction projects. They source the services and resources needed, negotiating costs with other suppliers.

      2/ Key responsibilities:
      The job/role of a commercial manager includes (but is not limited to) the following duties:
      • Taking responsibility for the financial management of projects
      • Recognizing business opportunities
      • Putting together bids to win new business.
      • Preparation of construction Contracts, Technical Specification, Instruction to Sub-contractor, FIDIC Part I and Part II for Sub-contractor.
      • Drafting, Negotiating and agreeing Contracts
      • Strategically expanding, preserving or improving company procedures, standards or policies
      • Adhering to regulatory guidelines.
      • Accountable for the development and/or subsequent implementation of commercial functions for Projects.
      • Ensures Projects have the highest levels of commercial integrity and holds accountability for implementing self-assurance.
      • Accountable for financial profile of each project.
      • Ensures transparent, accurate and timely reporting.
      • Leads on development of any appropriate wider supply chain and frameworks for materials and services.
      • Ensures adherence to internal governance to satisfy contractual and legal requirements.
      • Leads on any commercial dispute resolutions.
      • Continuously seeks and implements best commercial management methodologies.
      • Identifies and proactively mitigates commercial risk.
      • Looking for reasons to Claim to Investor and Partners - Drafting Claim documents.
      • To lead in contract claim negotiations (preparation to clients and assessment / negotiation from contractors) on construction projects
      • To provide contractual and commercial direction and support to the Construction Team.
      • To provide and manage required support for construction projects, proposals and pricing as required by other business departments.
      • To manage and audit cost control and expenditure reporting for construction projects.
      • To ensure that contractual procedures under all contracts are adhered to under the relevant contract structures.
      • To carry out regular contract compliance audits.
      •The identification and management of commercial risks and opportunities within construction projects including impacts on the overall project.

    Yêu cầu chung

      - Extensive experience of working in a fast paced legal, commercial and contractual environment leading on the development and negotiation of complex construction contracts.
      - Solid understanding of contractual documents, especially in the context of solutions projects, supported by practical experience in this field.
      - Strong writing and editing skills, focusing on attention to detail and the ability to write contracts clearly and concisely, editing for clarity, as needed.
      A good understanding of capital/construction projects.
      - An understanding of the construction industry.
      - An understanding of contract novation.
      - Understanding of all FIDIC types.
      - Know all FIDIC types by heart.
      - English : Perfect like a native speaker.

    Yêu cầu về ngoại ngữ

    • Tiếng Anh (Trung-Cao cấp)

    Quyền lợi

    - Ensure benefits for employees according to current Vietnamese labor laws.
    - Bonus holidays, New Year,... and other benefits according to company regulations.
    - Good learning opportunities and develop a stable career path.
    - Flexible working hours (from February to June): come to the office, work remotely... depending on the project.

    Thời gian làm việc

    • Feb ~ June: 8:00-17:00 Monday to Friday, Hanoi & WFH
      July ~ : 8:00-17:00 Monday to Saturday, Hai Duong city.



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