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[Hà Nội] - Merchant Promotion & Merchant Management (This job is closed!)


- Staff / Assistant Manager
- Reporting to Vietnamese Deputy Manager and/or Japanese Deputy Chief Rep
- Negociate with others (logical thinking based on analysis of statistics and various information gathered by yourself)
- Aggressive to reach the target
- Make a project plan and follow it
- Not hegitate
- Ability to operate MS office application
・Be in charge of new and existing promotion with company's merchant, negotiate with them about the condition of the promotion, manage the setup procedure of the promotion and follow up the promotions going well.
・Work with advertising agence to make PR materials to advertise company and the promotions and do time and delivery management
・Work with 3rd party or parttime staff to visit company's merchants to check.

General requirement

- Good English
- Education: Bachelor
- Experience: Marketing or sale
- Sex: Male/ Female
- age: Below 30

Language requirement



- Bonus: once a year
- Telephone: 300,000 VND per month, Business trip
- Salery review: Once a year


1,000 - 1,200 USD (GROSS)

Working location

Ha Noi

Working hours

Mon- Fri

Company profile

Business field

Credit Card

Company size

 Contact person

Ms. Hải Yến