HIGH SALARY - 品質管理マネジャー QC Manager (JP + EN) - Noi bai IZ - HN
  • HIGH SALARY - 品質管理マネジャー QC Manager (JP + EN) - Noi bai IZ - HN (This job is closed!)

    • Ha Noi
    • Location NoiBai Industrial Zone, QuangTien Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi, Vietnam

      Salary 2000usd~Gross(Negotiable depending on skills)

    25/07/2019 - 31/08/2019



      A manufacturer specializing in the production of shafts, mini shafts, sleeves and other components of ultra-precision machined parts. Our products are used in a wide range of applications ranging from general purpose copiers, facsimiles, laser printers, inkjet printers, scanners, multifunction centers with copiers, and commercial offset printers.
      - Purpose(採用目的):事業拡大 (business expansion)
      - 日本人顧客の対応・説明 Deal with Japanese customers, explain products
      品質改善の提案Proposal for quality improvement

    General requirement

      Hiring Requirement (候補者条件)
      - Nationality(国籍): 国籍問わず Any nationality
      - Age(年齢): 50前後までOK
      - Gender (性別): 性別不問 No restriction
      - Academic background(学歴):4大卒 (Degree holder, Preferable foreign university graduates)
      - Language skill (語学スキル):日本語(ネイティブレベル)・英語ビジネス(必須)・他言語できれば尚可 English (Must), Japanese (Preferably business level), any other language (prefer)

      Experience & skills (経験&スキル):
      ◎海外勤務経験がある方 Have oversea exposure
      ◎品質管理経験がある方 Experience in QC (related field)
      ◎転職回数が多くない人を好む Prefer people who have shown loyalty on the past companies

    Language requirement

    • English (Upper Intermediate) and Japanese (Intermediate)


    - Bonus ボーナス:1ヶ月+毎月1度のパフォーマンスボーナス(ランク制で最大2.5ヶ月)
    13th month salary + every month performance base bonus depending on ranking (Highest ranking gets 2.5 month bonus max)
    - Pay raise昇給:年に一度パフォーマンスベースの昇給Once a year/ performance base

    - Benefits福利厚生:
    ビザ・WP支給 (for expats)
    その他、条件等応相談。(Other negotiable)
    Shuttle bus

    Working hours

    • Day of duty(勤務日):月〜金(隔週土 8時-5時)(Mon- Fri, alternate sat)
      Duty hours(勤務時間): 8:30 - 17:00 (Sat: 8-17h)


    Business field: 

    Company size: 

    Contact person: Ms. Dung

    Telephone: 098.356.1228

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