[Quảng Ngãi] Tuyển gấp QC may mặc cho cty Nhật mới chưa đi vào hoạt động
  • [Quảng Ngãi] Tuyển gấp QC may mặc cho cty Nhật mới chưa đi vào hoạt động

    • Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Hai Phong, Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa, Thua Thien - Hue
    • Location

      Salary Negotiable

    29/04/2021 - 29/08/2021



      1. Brand, supplier, and factory analysis
      Before anything, firstly build up strong network with brand (buyer) and factory
      Understand general requirement of buyer including level of quality acceptance
      Understand what types of product does buyer want to target its customer
      Understand characteristic of each supplier’s material and use this knowledge when inspecting material
      Understand strength/weakness of factory and use this knowledge to produce right product at right factory
      After all, it is QC’s main job to constantly improve quality of garment to meet buyer’s required level

      2. Set-up quality standard
      Set quality standard for factory which follows buyer’s requirement and guidance for each department and process
      Clarify SOP (Standard Operation Process) for production preparatory process to get right quality from each process, starting from sample to bulk production
      Develop MIS (Management Information System) for quality measurement and recording
      Once quality standard is set, instruct factory to follow and control the quality level
      Monitor the quality of product through various stages of production

      3. Sample quality check
      Inspect sample material to ensure only good quality materials are used
      Involve in product development and sampling stage to take care of quality aspects of sample – toward bulk production
      Ensure that no defect material is used. If minor defect is detected, it should be mentioned on sample checking list later
      Before sewing any sample, advise to sample-maker about specific difficulty or special requirement to avoid making the same sample again
      Prepare sample checking list
      Based on records on checking list, conduct pre-production meeting with line leader and QC staff
      Based on result of sample, pickup if there’s any different/difficult workmanship done by factory then instruct them to correct/improve

      4. Production preparation
      Involve line-layout process to assign skilful worker at important part
      Work with production team to develop process flows which helps to trouble-shoot problem
      Check and review factory’s inline PP sample
      Check shrinkage of bulk fabric before cutting (if needed, adjust pattern accordingly)
      Check print/ emb/ label with approved swatch
      Check fabric/trim with approved swatch/lot
      Make sure all process of quality control is ready at starting period
      Review factory’s in-house quality procedure and advise how to follow each buyer’s required criteria
      Check the pattern before cutting
      Review all kinds of buyer’s required garment test
      Check inline PP sample then give performance report to factory whether it is okay (in terms of quality) to start bulk production
      Check fabric quality data sheet which will be provided by fabric supplier when they ship it for bulk

      5. Inline / endline / finishing inspection
      Perform inline and endline inspection in sewing floor and give feedback to sewing worker and line leader immediately
      Ensure the right quality of finished goods before assembly and packing
      Analyse quality report and prepare improvement plan
      Perform regular QC meeting with QC staff at each stage
      Keep all necessary documents and quality SOP
      Check TOP garment and give approval for finishing only if quality is okay
      Keep outgoing defect percentage in minimum level
      Inspection should be thoroughly performed to check all aspects of garment including SPI, unfinished raw edge, broken/loose/skipped stitch, pleat/puckering at seam/ incorrect packaging and etc

      6. Perform final inspection
      Perform final inspection at the level of buyer’s designated AQL/standard/requirement
      Share the result with MD department so that they can proceed to next step
      Arrange final QC meeting with related department based on following records:
      Number and type of defect from each worker
      Number of rejected/returned parts of garment from each department (cutting, printing, welding, etc)
      If buyer requires 3rd-party inspection, participate the inspection for smooth process
      Participate in and sign the final inspection document by himself/herself with responsibility

      7. Quality analysis
      Cooperating with MD, make sure the quality of finished goods is acceptable by buyer
      Instruct comments from sample and previous bulk to factory
      Receive bulk QC comment from buyer then apply for next PO
      If 3rd-party inspection is needed, arrange schedule based on production schedule

      8. Additional responsibility
      He/She is expected to willingly follow manager’s instruction as well as company regulation and CSR
      Handle all documents with responsibility. This includes not only QC-related report but also docs such as 3rd-party inspection invoice and etc
      Participate in meeting with foreign buyers and suppliers when needed
      Participate in meeting with local factory staff when needed
      Perform internal meeting with production, planning, quality, store, finishing and any other department related with garment development and production

    General requirement

      - 3 years of experience

    Language requirement

    • English (Intermediate) or Japanese (Intermediate)


    Working hours


    Business field: 

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    Nguyễn Quang Minh

    089 648 9222


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