(Tràng Duệ-Hải Phòng) RẤT GẤP - TRƯỞNG PHÒNG HÀNH CHÍNH (Lương~2000 USD)
  • (Tràng Duệ-Hải Phòng) RẤT GẤP - TRƯỞNG PHÒNG HÀNH CHÍNH (Lương~2000 USD) (This job is closed!)

    • Hai Phong, Ha Noi
    • Location

      Salary 2,000 USD (GROSS)

    10/07/2019 - 24/08/2019



      The ADM Manager demonstrates accountability for functional, business, and broad company objectives. Involved in long-term planning. This role contributes to the overall strategy and manages complex issues of the followings:
      • Perform a leadership role in office management and government relations
      • Consult with the management to select and use sufficient services and supplier.
      • Provide proper admin service to all functions and department the the Company especially Production
      • Provide support or deliver training on using office equipment and facilities.
      • Conduct and lead all events and engagements of the Company.
      • Manage and Control all Admin service suppliers like security, transportation, planting, sanitery, clinic, and tothers

    General requirement

      - Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
      • At least 5 additional years of experience in a variety of Admin Manager position.
      - Master’s degree in Human Resources, Industrial / Labor Relations or Business Administration is preferred
      - Good command of English or Korean language (Korean is preferred)
      - Prior experience in areas such as arbitration, national labor relations board proceedings, compliance and litigation is preferred
      - Strong oral and written communication skills
      - Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
      - Strong coaching skills

    Language requirement

    • English (Upper Intermediate)


    Working hours

    • 8h00~17h00
      Monday ~ Friday


    Business field: 

    Company size: 5000

    Contact person: Ms. Tuyết

    Telephone: 0965 131341

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