(TRANG Due-Hai PHONG) URGENT - Procurement Manager (~ 2000 USD)
  • (TRANG Due-Hai PHONG) URGENT - Procurement Manager (~ 2000 USD) (This job is closed!)

    • Hai Phong
    • Location

      Salary ~2000 USD

    18/06/2019 - 31/07/2019



      - Develop, plan, and manage programs to meet Company procurement commitments
      - Manage the complete procurement and contract administration functions as required to meet program commitments
      - Develop procurement strategy targets on quality, price, delivery, and service necessary to meet requirements
      - Implement and maintain a quality improvement process targeting reduction in product variation and product losses using key management tools
      - Collaborate with manager in setting realistic and challenging operational goals, and contribute to their accomplishment
      - Periodically prepare and implement supporting work plans
      - Manage Staffs in fulfilling procurement commitments and organize the appropriate program plans
      - Provide for the evaluation of vendor quotations utilizing appropriate negotiation and procurement analysis techniques and implementation of proper contracts with emphasis on quality, price, delivery, and service necessary to meet requirements
      - Provide for evaluation of suppliers’ capabilities and identification of appropriate items to buy
      - Lead Procurement team with accountability over direct/indirect buy, and cost reduction targets
      - Develop, implement and lead overall supplier strategy for commodity area, including simplification, ensuring sourcing process integrity, and optimize productivity, quality and fulfillment
      - Set procurement strategy and lead a team with strong process responsibility to develop complex and comprehensive supplier/buyer contractual relationships to meet the business needs
      - Ensure supplier compliance with regulatory and reputation requirements
      - Responsible for people management activities including recruiting, performance management, compensation, and organizational structure

    General requirement

      - Strong oral and written English communication skills
      - Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
      - Knowledge of procurement and logistic policies and regulations established by the Company as well as government and other customers
      - Strong problem solving and analytical skills
      - Knowledge of the manufacturing management such as production and inventory control, and standard cost systems
      - Graudated from university with related major (Economics, English, Business, etc...)
      - At least 7 year experience in the same position in FDI company (2 years up in management level)

    Language requirement

    • English (Intermediate)


    Lương Tháng 13, Thưởng KPI
    Xe đưa đón từ nhiều điểm
    Làm việc từ thứ 2 ~ Thứ 6 và Nhiều quyền lợi khác

    Working hours

    • 8h00 ~ 17h00
      Monday ~ Friday


    Business field: 

    Company size: 5000

    Contact person: Ms. Tuyết

    Telephone: 0965 131341

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