Legal Announcement
This page clearly states the agreement and conditions (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) when you use any services or information on the Vieclambank.com website (or Vieclambank.com.vn). Please read this Agreement carefully.

Please do not use the Vieclambank.com website if you do not agree to the terms in this Agreement. At any time, if you do not agree to the Agreement, you should stop using the Vieclambank.com. Use of the Vieclambank.com website shall constitute acceptance of an agreement to be bound by this Agreement.

VieclamBank may consider and add to this Agreement at any time by updating this page. You should access this page periodically to review the content of this Agreement that you can be bound to.

Some areas of the Vieclambank.com website cannot avoid to be bound to additional agreements. By using the whole or any parts of these areas, you agree to be bound to the corresponding agreements.

This Agreement is for all individuals and/or associations who accesses the Vieclambank.com website with, but not limited to, any reasons (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “User”).

Website Content
The contents of the Vieclambank.com website are all documents, graphics, images, symbols, icons, software and content posted by User, which are protected under copyright, trademark, and other provisions of law of Vietnam and other countries. All web contents are the properties of G.A. CONSULTANTS VIETNAM CO., LTD. (the Company operates this Vieclambank.com website, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), content provider or user. All web contents of the Vieclambank.com website that are compiled (i.e. collected, organized, and combined) are the private properties of the Company and under the protection of Vietnam and international copyright law. Illegal use of the content of the Vieclambank.com website can be a breach of copyright, trademark and other law provisions.

You cannot sell, change, copy, present publicly, distribute or, in other words, use the content of the Vieclambank.com website by any means for any commercial or public purposes. You cannot modify or display the content of the Vieclambank.com website through any other URLs or under the name or trademark of any other companies. You cannot copy or modify HTML code that the Company develops on the Vieclambank.com website. All are under the copyright protection of the Company. The use of the content of the Vieclambank.com website on any other websites or within a computer network for any purposes is prohibited.

Usage Right of the Website
You can use the Vieclambank.com website under the permission of the Terms of Use. You are not permitted to allow a third party/person to use the Vieclambank.com website for any reasons. You are not allowed to change, separate or upset any software included in the Vieclambank.com website or by any means created as a part of the website. You cannot infringe or infringe intentionally the security of the website including, but not limited to: (a) accessing data not for usage purpose or logging in to the system to access server or under an account which User is not permitted to access, (b) scanning or checking security gaps/errors of the system or network without appropriate rights, (c) obstructing deliberately to the services to any users, owners or networks, including but not limited to, by any means to get the Vieclambank.com website virus infected, (d) falsifying any TCP/IP headers or any parts of the headers in any emails or information groups. Illegal network access can constitute legal responsibility of a citizen or an offender. The Company may cooperate with a legal enforcement agency to take legal action against any illegal users causing such violation.

Prohibited Usage
User of the Vieclambank.com website are not allowed to: (a) login or provide false information with evil intentions, (b) violate the interests of other people such as reputation, fame, trademark, copyright, privacy…, (c) to defame individual, group, (d) violate or may violate the law, regulations, (e) take advantage of the website to provide information for business purpose, (f) damage the prestige of VieclamBank and badly affect the business of the Company.

User Registration and Information
VieclamBank may request you to register or to provide necessary information such as name, address, email address, telephone number (“User’s information” section). VieclamBank shall not present to a third party your name, address, email address, telephone number without your consent except for the provision within this Agreement.

VieclamBank maintains the right to provide services and products of a third party to you based on the reference information provided by you in the registration form and at any time later, the provision is carried out by VieclamBank or a third party.

Posted Content Provided by User
User is responsible for posted content including, but not limited to, posting of private information and job description (hereinafter referred to as “Posted Content”). VieclamBank is not obliged to evaluate or guarantee the accuracy, suitability of the posted content of user or certify any viewpoints expressed by user.

You agree not to provide information or post anything violating the intellectual property rights, contractual interests, or other rights of other people (including copyright, trademark right, or other commercial secrecies). You also agree not to provide information or post anything with inappropriate content including, but not limited to, pornographic content, destroying honor, threatening, disturbing, reviling, making enemies, or preventing other Users or any other people, showing pornographic images or content, making a pass at business, sending advertising or business letters. VieclamBank is not responsible for any posted contents of user or actions, or carelessness in replies of posted contents.

Depending on the subject, the owner of the posted content as well as any information of user is kept back together with all rights existing with the posted content. VieclamBank can select and examine the posted content in the Company’s own management, and can have actions in a timely manner based on the violation of the Terms of Use by any parties. VieclamBank does not need to identify or evaluate the accuracy of any of the posted contents or user information.

Registration and Password
You are responsible for maintaining information security and your password. VieclamBank shall not take any responsibility if you share or reveal unintentionally or intentionally your password to others. You shall take the full responsibility for the use of your registration information, no matter you have right or not. You agree to inform VieclamBank immediately when you recognize the use of your registration or password without your permission.

Legal Liability of the Company
The Vieclambank.com website helps posting recruitment demands of recruiters and posting of private information as well as searching for job opportunities of job seekers more convenient. The Vieclambank.com website is only a place for recruiters and job seekers to meet each other. VieclamBank does not play the role of a party relating to the actual transaction between a recruiter and a job seeker. VieclamBank does not take any legal responsibilities for any actions or miss of recruiters or job seekers, which do harm to the recruiters, job seekers or any other parties. You are responsible for form information, content and accuracy of any posted contents. You acknowledge all risks relating to other users that you make contacts with through Vieclambank.com website.

VieclamBank utilizes virus prevention policy, however this cannot fully prevent damages caused by virus, other software or natural damages, and VieclamBank does not acknowledge that Vieclambank.com website will operate without any errors. VieclamBank shall absolutely not take any responsibilities in case of damages due to “force majeure events” such as loss or change of website data that cannot be proved. Therefore, User should be self-responsible for backing up data at Vieclambank.com website. VieclamBank shall not bear any responsibilities if you use the content or the result on Vieclambank.com website to serve as or to replace technologies and data.

General Provisions
The Company does not require the content of the Vieclambank.com website to be considered in accordance with the law when it is accessed outside Vietnam. Access to Vieclambank.com website may be considered illegal by some people or in some countries. If you access this website outside Vietnam, you agree to take risk and responsibility against the law of that country.

If any provisions in this Agreement are found inappropriate by any courts of competent jurisdiction, these inappropriate data shall not affect the validity of other data which have the full effectiveness under this Agreement. Any provisions revoked in this agreement shall not be considered as a revocation of subsequent provisions or other such agreement. In addition to the provision of additional terms of use to other areas of the website, special legal announcements, or software certificates and material on specialized websites, this Agreement comprises the entire agreement between you and the Company with respect to the use of Vieclambank.com website. No other modification to this Agreement is implemented except for uploading the revision of this page.

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