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About VieclamBank

VieclamBank was launched in 2006 while the major recruiting method was still newspaper advertising. During those 9 years of experience, the global economy has diversified career paths and individual’s roles in the labor market. We pay close attention to the needs of both job seekers and companies in order to achieve matching with the best suitability. Ultimately we contribute to the local community by providing the right talent for your projects. We can support your company with our rich, experienced and comprehensive network.

Our Values


We bridge cultural differences to facilitate a transparent and open communication between employers and employees. We praise fairness and honesty, always striving to generate the most valuable agreement for both ends.


We strive to offer high-value for both employers and employees, ensuring a sustainable recruitment and fulfilling all expectations in a long-term. We are concerned about the sustainable growth of your company for which we invest reasonable time in assessing candidates to find the perfect match.


We adapt to the quick changes of the environment, constantly updating our knowledge of the labour market. We strengthen our consulting capacity by applying the necessary flexibility to meet our customer's needs. Our experience allows us to advise with great pertinence on recruitment goals and career building.